Budapest walks
Every movement of ours is plain, practical, and only serves one purpose: that of gaining some time! If I only had more time … - we say to ourselves, while we get annoyed by the pedestrian taking his time just in front of us. We are in a hurry out of a routine. Not only during our morning routine, but throughout the day, the week, the year…
Follow the flag with a hole
Forced collectivization, artificial industrialization, peace loan, the cult of the leader, false trials. But what were the every-days like during the Stalinist years in Hungary, what events led to the revolution of 1956?
Einstand - walking tour for children
Ernő Nemecsek is regarded by many as the Hungarian Tom Sawyer. Everybody knows Tom Sawyer but who is this Ernő Nemecsek? He is the selfless hero of the Hungarian youth novel „Paul Street Boys”.
From Abraham to St. Anthony
For many, Kőbánya means beer. There are many things one can think of. But who would think about Polish minorities living in Hungary when mentioning Kőbánya? Did you know that the only Christian church in the country guarding a scroll of the Torah can be found here?
Beer - lovers
Sándor Rózsa is the Hungarian Robin Hood of the 19th century: he held raids in many parts of the country, followed by the police of the time, always getting away through the system of tunnels under the inns.
Spa throw two millennia
Remember the question in the movie ‘The Life of Brian’? - “What have the Romans ever done for us? The Spa!